I am a visual artist living in Houston, TX. Interests include figurative painting, portraits, and abstract expressionism.


Do you take commissions?

Yes! Feel free to email me at becky.jewell@gmail.com any time with any ideas or a description of your project.


If I order a commission, how long will it take?

For digital art and drawings, 2-4 weeks. For oil paintings, 1-2 months. Oil paint can take 1-2 weeks to dry. 


How do I access the secret blogs?

Secret blogs can be accessed by becoming a member on Patreon. Once you’re a patron you will receive the password for the Secret Blogs.



What is in the secret blogs? 

That is a secret! 


Where did you study?

I studied at CU Boulder from 2004-2007 and earned a bachelor's in fine art and English literature. I liked it so much at CU that I returned in 2008-2010 for a master's degree in English literature. 


What else do you do? 

Aside from making art and comics, I write about art history, tools for making art, and art philosophy. You can find my writings here or on Twitter here. I also help companies make better software. If you're interested in seeing what I can do for you or your organization, just send me a note. 


What are you working on right now?

Aside from this website, one of the best places to keep up with my recent work is Instagram! Here is a snapshot of what I have been thinking about, and what I have been up to in the studio: