Art 64: Loading Screens for Elder Scrolls Online


For this first blog installment of Art64, I am sharing a series of loading screens for Elder Scrolls Online. 

Loading screens can often annoy gamers because, well, all the action stops and we have to sit and wait for our computers to load the next exciting thing. But I am never dismayed to look at these gorgeous paintings each time I take a Wayshrine across Tamriel in Elder Scrolls. 

Playing ESO on a large monitor reveals the gestural quality of these digital paintings - a few swipes of a brush completes the leaves of a tree. A zigzagging line combed across space creates the flowing water of a river. 

The artists convince us of the depths of a dungeon by shading and then scattering speckles of light. 

I love all of these loading screens and hope you do, too! 

While I searched Google in an attempt to find the and credit artists who painted these loading screen works, unfortunately I could not find a definitive source. These artists deserve major credit! If anyone knows the artists, please let me know in the comments below! 


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