June 15 Painting Update

Lately I have been painting these poppies. Poppies are fun to paint because of their edges and the depth of the flower. They’re a bit like Irises, many layers and stages. I can’t say I like to paint roses that much - maybe this is just that they are too overdone, or the fact that they don’t have a center and are just a bundle of petals. 

Here is my second take at the pink poppies - they turned out well! 

I also decided to paint a Daruma doll that I have lying around my studio - it's a small palm-sized doll that I got at the Japanese Tea Gardens in San Francisco. The Daruma doll was very fun to paint on canvas, so I painting a friend for him. 

All of the paintings on here are small - 6 x 6 inches. 

In addition to small still lives and flower paintings, I'm working on a couple large, private commissions this month. If you're interested in ordering a commission, feel free to email me at becky.jewell@gmail.com. Check out other projects and painting reviews here