We <3 Leadville

The 'We <3 Leadville" sign is one of the first man-made landmarks you will see when approaching Leadville from the East. 

Growing up in Leadville, I was used to seeing this sign every day - so much that I often forgot all about it. My friends and I would drive by this sign and barely give it a glance. It was as outstanding yet as normalized as the 14,000-foot mountains that surrounded our little mountain town. 

After graduating high school, leaving Leadville, and visiting other cities in the world, I realized just how strange and unusual the We <3 Leadville sign is. What other city puts up a huge sign about how much the residents love it? (Maybe the I Amsterdam sign is the closest thing to it in a major city?) 

When you approach the sign, you realize just how huge it is. Speaking as an artist, I can say that whoever made this sign was absolutely convinced that Leadville is the best place in the world. And they're probably right! 

I decided to make art about the We <3 Leadville sign because I heard the sign may be going away soon, with the land around the sign being developed shortly. I really hope it doesn't go away, but just in case, I wanted to draw and paint it so that we would all be able to remember how much everyone loves Leadville!


To get a print of this artwork, Harperrose Art Studios has the first edition of ten prints at their store! Or - drop me a line at becky dot jewell @ gmail.com! 

Becky JewellComment